How It Works

1. Identity Verification

This process is pivotal in ensuring the safety and security of our users. It not only protects our community from potentially fraudulent activities but also underscores our commitment to adhering to EU regulatory standards. By thoroughly verifying each user, we foster a trustworthy ecosystem and uphold the integrity of Givearn.

Identity Verification to comply with EU regulatory standards

2. A simple bank transfer or card payment

Purchasing your crypto portfolio with us is as effortless as sending money to a friend or covering your rent. All you need to do is initiate a bank transfer or pay by card (credit and debit cards are accepted), and that's it. You will find the transfer details when clicking on the 'buy' button located on the app's home screen. Givearn is designed with simplicity in mind, making your introduction to the world of crypto seamless and friendly.

Buy the perfect crypto portfolio through a simple Bank Transfer or Card Payment

3. The Perfect Portfolio

The crypto portfolio perfectly marries stability with growth. Half is invested in stablecoins—crypto assets pegged to currencies like the US Dollar, offering a buffer against market storms. The other half taps into the dynamism of industry stalwarts like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These aren't just volatile assets; they're market-tested champions with a track record of resilience and potential. In short, the portfolio is your gateway to both safety and the exciting growth stories of the crypto world.

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The Perfect Crypto Portfolio

4. Weekly Crypto Rewards

Discover the stability of our rewards system: every Monday, you will receive crypto rewards on 50% of stable cryptocurrencies, equivalent to a +0.2% increase, resulting in an annual yield of 10.4%. This consistent reward cycle is designed to bring you predictable growth. While the crypto world can be unpredictable, our mechanism ensures a stable foundation, enriching your investment journey with regular, dependable increments.

Earn Weekly Crypto Rewards

5. Weekly Donation

At Givearn, we bridge the gap between crypto growth and social impact. Easily select from thousands of charities and decide on a percentage of your weekly rewards to donate (or not). Every week, your contribution is directly channeled to your chosen cause, with all transactions transparently showcased in-app. With us, your crypto doesn't just grow; it gives back.

Weekly Crypto Donations to the Charity of your choice