Crypto iscomplex
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The simple app you need for your first steps into crypto

A Friendly App

Don't worry if you don't understand Crypto, Givearn is designed for you!

Measured Investment

Givearn's portfolio is designed to be 50% safer than the cryptocurrency market.

Extra Income

In addition to portfolio growth, you receive +10.4% per year on your stable crypto.

Positive Impact

Donate (if you want) a share of your crypto rewards to a charity every week.

Discover simplicity. Forget extreme volatility. Make a difference

Discover simplicity

With Givearn, buying crypto is finally made easy. Gone are the days of managing multiple accounts, researching projects, and making individual purchases. Simply transfer Euros or do a card payment to acquire a balanced portfolio of cryptos.

  • Transfer Euros / Card payment
  • Done!
Givearn's Crypto portfolio details

Complex? We handle that part ;)

Forget extreme volatility

Comprised of half stable cryptos, Givearn's portfolio safeguards you against extreme price fluctuations while generating secure weekly rewards in addition of your portfolio appreciation.

  • 50% less volatile with stable cryptos
  • Earn crypto rewards every Monday
  • +10.4% APR on the stable cryptos
Earn Weekly Crypto Rewards

Make a difference

Use (if you want) your crypto rewards to make an impact on the real world.

Select a charity

among thousands available on the Pledge Network.


a share of your rewards automatically to your charity.

Make a positive impact in the world through crypto
Thousands of NGOs available in Givearn

Frequently Asked Questions

In August 2023, Givearn was successfully audited for cybersecurity risks. Additionally, we have implemented measures to restrict transfers in order to protect your funds from fraudulent or suspicious activity.
Check our audit report.

We partner with the US-based organization Pledgeling Foundation (EIN 46-2440594) to reach a network of thousands of non-profits. Pledgeling Foundation collects funds through online donation tools. The funds are then regranted on a monthly basis to the selected charity.
Check our partner's website.

Tax refunds are subject to local regulations. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your donations. Givearn Ltd. does not claim any tax refunds from customers' donations. We generate detailed receipts to help with your accounting which can be found in the app settings screen.

We safeguard your cryptocurrencies at Bitpanda Custody, a reputable UK-based company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Their comprehensive protection includes coverage for theft, loss, or damage of digital assets.
Learn more.

If you wish to withdraw a portion or all of your funds from Givearn, you can do so at any time. Simply click on the 'sell' button on the app's home screen and choose the percentage of your portfolio you wish to sell. Once the transaction is completed (which typically takes between 1 and 3 days), the funds will be directly transferred to the IBAN you have provided.

Givearn app is free to download. Buying and selling crypto incurs a fee of 0.6% of your transaction. If you pay by card, our payment processor will charge a fee of €1.00 + 3.5%, and we will reduce our own fee to 0.1%. The fees you pay are used to cover the banking and blockchain costs necessary to process your transactions.

We use Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technology. In the same way that banks generate interest on your savings, DeFi achieves the same thing, but using a computer algorithm - allowing for a significantly higher return for users in the end.
Learn more.

We rely exclusively on something called 'Liquidity Pools'. Imagine these as digital jars, some people lend the money in exchange of fees and others trade it hoping to earn money. All is governed by automated rules which adjust the weights of the portfolio, whether more people are buying or selling a specific crypto of the jar. As a contributor (lender) to these pools, you can earn rewards over time, which come from the transaction fees of people trading.

Givearn operates solely on the Arbitrum network. Each transaction emits less than 5g of CO2e (vs. ~50Kg for Bitcoin).

Helping others is a core value of our company. As per our registered articles of association, Givearn will distribute 15% of net profits for the development of social projects or the establishment of a foundation to contribute to the betterment of society.