Support Charities with Your Investment


Support Charities with Your Investment

While the world continues to improve over time, as evidenced by statistics like those from the World Bank Group, which show a decrease in the global population living under poverty from 37.9% in 1990 to 8.5% in 2019, it remains crucial to advocate for causes that resonate with us. These are the issues we find unjust and wish to address, contributing our efforts to make the world a better place. In this blog post, we'll explore how the innovative Givearn app can help you achieve this. By blending cryptocurrency investment with access to a curated selection of top charities, Givearn lets you unlock the potential of recurring micro passive donations.

The power of small recurring donations

The landscape of philanthropy often reveals a surge in charitable giving during the holiday season. For instance, a significant 30% of annual donations in the U.S. occur between end of November and December 31st, as reported by The State of Modern Philanthropy 2022. While this trend showcases the generosity of donors, it also underscores a critical challenge for nonprofit organizations – the uneven flow of resources throughout the year. This concentration of giving can lead to difficulties in budgeting, resource allocation, and sustaining programs, especially when donations are scarce during other parts of the year.

Addressing this issue, however, are the small, recurring donations, which can transform the financial landscape for nonprofits. They provide a steady stream of support, ensuring a more predictable and balanced allocation of funds across the year. This approach not only eases the operational strain on charities but also enhances their ability to plan and execute long-term projects effectively.

Moving beyond the conventional belief, it's important to acknowledge that every donation counts, regardless of its size. The misconception that impactful giving requires large sums overlooks the significant differences even small contributions can make. This is particularly true when considering the global economic disparities. In regions where the cost of living is substantially lower, what might be a modest amount in countries like those in North America and Europe can have a profound impact elsewhere. As Carmen Perez aptly puts it, “For less than what I pay for a meal in Luxembourg, I am able to provide a whole family in Africa the means to have a decent life for a full month”. Such is the power of microdonations.

The effectiveness of small, regular contributions hinges on a sustainable mechanism that balances the desire to give with the donor's financial comfort. It's essential for donors to feel that their charitable activities are manageable and not overly burdensome. This is where innovative solutions like Givearn play a crucial role. Learn more about it in the final section.

After exploring the impactful nature of small, recurring donations, it's worth considering how modern technological advancements, particularly in the realm of digital currencies, are further revolutionizing philanthropy. Cryptocurrencies, with their growing popularity and unique attributes, are becoming an increasingly important tool in the world of charitable giving.

Cryptocurrency and Philanthropy

It's clear that digital currencies are not just a passing trend. Despite some skepticism, particularly among older generations, the embrace of cryptocurrency, especially by younger investors, is notable. A survey conducted by Fidelity Charitable reveals that one in three millennial investors owns cryptocurrency, underscoring its growing prevalence in the investment landscape.

More intriguingly, the same survey indicates that cryptocurrency investors are not just financially savvy but also philanthropically inclined. A significant one-third of these investors have donated a portion of their cryptocurrency holdings to charitable causes. Their motivations blend both rational and emotional factors, suggesting a deep-rooted interest in using their digital assets for social good.

However, the path to crypto-based philanthropy isn't without its challenges. Many donors who wish to contribute cryptocurrency assets encounter obstacles that can dampen their enthusiasm. Half of the investors who have donated digital assets reported that charities often required larger donations than they were prepared to make. Additionally, 46% of these donors found it difficult to locate charities that accept cryptocurrency, and 44% described the donation process as cumbersome.

This is precisely the scenario where Givearn steps in. Givearn aims to streamline the process of donating cryptocurrency, making it accessible, simple, and flexible for donors. By addressing the common hurdles faced by crypto donors, Givearn not only opens up new avenues for charitable giving but also ensures that the potential of cryptocurrency in philanthropy is fully realized.

Givearn – Make a difference with crypto

In addition to providing easy access to a balanced crypto portfolio that can appreciate over time, Givearn offers a weekly income, amounting to 0.1% of your portfolio's value (5.2% annual return). For example, if your portfolio is valued at €1,000 for the week, you will receive an additional €1 on Monday.

With thousands of NGOs listed on the app, you have the option to automatically donate a percentage of this extra income to your chosen cause. For instance, if you select 'Save the Children' for improving children's lives globally and decide to donate 50%, then €0.50 will automatically be sent to that NGO on Monday, without any extra effort on your part. You have the freedom to stop, change your donation percentage, or choose a different charity at any time, according to your wishes and needs.

Download Givearn for free to start exploring the available charities and begin your journey of combining crypto investment with meaningful impact.

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